Watch English Premier League Live Streaming using Ace Stream Player

Ace Stream is a P2P base streaming application. Imagine torrent? But this time instead of uploading files, it will share the bandwidth for streaming live match.

The more user on your local network (connected peers) the better your streaming quality would be.


  1. Install Ace Stream Player, download here.
  2. Go to reddit soccer stream subs. You won’t see any link if you open on normal day. Come back on game day.
  3. Select match you want to watch. And watch out for the comments. Redditors will share bunch of stream links. Select and copy the link that started with ace://. There will be additional links, eg. mobile and http links. Forget about that, just focus on the ace stream link format.
  4. Copy it and paste in your Ace Stream Player. Click Media, and click Open Network Stream.
  5. Enjoy the game! Without obtrusive advertisement that you usually get if you open the stream link in your browser.

Tips, come back to the reddit match link and refresh it a few times. Links with most point, voted up top usually filtered by the user. Use that link! and you will be happy.

Author: Izzat Zainol

Hello there, my name is Izzat Zainol. I'm a software engineer based in Penang. I specialized in web development, automation scripting, web scraping and desktop application development. Contact me if you'd like to hire me for your next project.

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