How to recover deleted ABAP Program

Have you accidentally deleted an ABAP report program and you would like to get it back to refer to that certain piece of code?

I just learned this trick. Go to SE38 and create a new program with the exact name of the ones that are deleted. This is an important step. Once done, view the new program. It will be empty of course. Click version management.

From here you will be able to view your existing history of the code. Select which version you would like to revert to.

This is how you restore/recover deleted ABAP Programs.

How to solve Load XML Malformed XML Error on SAP ABAP Editor

Mostly this error occurred and related to ABAP editor. The new editor to be precised. You can switch to the old editor and the error will gone. If you would like to continue using the new editor here’s some tip on how to make this error go away.

Go to, C:\Users\<userdir>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI

And rename the “ABAP Editor” folder to something else. Logoff from SAP GUI and relogin. It will automatically create a new “ABAP Editor” folder with fresh XML configs. Previous XML malformed error should be gone by now. Enjoy coding!

How to load SapLogon.ini in SAP 750

This is the path to get your copy on SapLogon.ini.


But on SAP 750, you don’t need this file. You will need the .xml file instead. Still on the same location. Copy both files and paste it to your new system.



Close SAP Logon and reopen it. Now you will have your previous bookmarks on SAP servers connection.