Shopee Scraper Script using Python

This is a simple script to check stock availability on a product which out of stock in Shopee. All under 50 lines of codes using python.


  • Python 3+
  • Selenium
  • Sendgrid account (Send email notification)
  • Chromedriver

Next enhancement

  • Headless chrome
  • Allow multiple URL checking
  • Further check on add to cart button
  • Convert to exe

Get the script here,

How to show the line numbers on Python IDLE

Idle with python version 3.8

If you are using Python version 3.7 and below. Tough luck, you can’t show the line numbers on the left sidebar. You can only rely on the line numbers on the status bar at the bottom of the editor. Which is not helpful for some people.

For people like me, who already familiar with the line numbers with other IDE’s, this simple small feature is a must. You need to upgrade your Python to the latest version, as of now is version 3.8.

The new IDLE comes with python 3.8 has this new feature that can show line numbers on the left side of the editor.

Is anyone still using IDLE? For me, yes IDLE comes in handy when I’d like to test some small script quickly. When in full development I’ll be using VS Code.

Steps to enable the line numbers.

Go to the Options tab, click configure IDLE and click General tab.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Hackintosh Success Installation

I’ve managed to install a Hackintosh on Thinkpad X240. Thanks to broad hackies community internet to make this a success.

I’ll try to compile the all the steps that I gather from the net into one central place here. For anyone who owned a Thinkpad X240 or similar Thinkpad family that would like to try install Mac OSX.

My Github pages that contains all necessary kexts required for the installations.

I’ve followed a step by step guides from Tonymac forum.

So far everything has been working fine. Except couple of setbacks due to hardware limitations.

a) No built in wifi support. As Thinkpad use a different chip that being officially supported by Apple. Solved this by getting a small usb wifi dongle from TP Link TL-WN725N. Works like a charm Plug and play.

b) Bluetooth connectivity. This issue is bundled together with wifi issue since it is a same card. You can fix both of this issue by replacing the card with a friendly hackintosh model. But you need to do the bypass and whitelist BIOS stuff. Which is too cumbersome. Solved it by buy a small bluetooth dongle. Easy and clean solution.

c) Audio issue. Supposedly base on the guide it shouldn’t be a problem to get a working audio in Thinkpad X240. But I don’t know why, maybe I messed up my kext. It didn’t work for me. My solution is by getting a usb sound card from Ugreen. Issue solved! It can support my 5.1 channel speaker too. Good stuff.



How to solve Load XML Malformed XML Error on SAP ABAP Editor

Mostly this error occurred and related to ABAP editor. The new editor to be precised. You can switch to the old editor and the error will gone. If you would like to continue using the new editor here’s some tip on how to make this error go away.

Go to, C:\Users\<userdir>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI

And rename the “ABAP Editor” folder to something else. Logoff from SAP GUI and relogin. It will automatically create a new “ABAP Editor” folder with fresh XML configs. Previous XML malformed error should be gone by now. Enjoy coding!

How to load SapLogon.ini in SAP 750

This is the path to get your copy on SapLogon.ini.


But on SAP 750, you don’t need this file. You will need the .xml file instead. Still on the same location. Copy both files and paste it to your new system.



Close SAP Logon and reopen it. Now you will have your previous bookmarks on SAP servers connection.

Upgrade Lenovo X240 display to IPS Full HD

DIY upgrade on a personal laptop.

Lenovo X240 is a great laptop. Minus the bad display and the badly design touchpad. X230 and X250 touchpad is much better. The button was on a separate panel. Other than that, all is good for this 12 inch small companion of mine.

This is my secondary machine and this laptop always connected to my full hd external monitor. Because I can’t stand working on the horrendous display. Default display panel is a TN display with 1368×768 resolution, bad viewing angle and definitely a small resolution for a programmer. It may be cheap solution for the manufacturer but very bad experience for the consumer I must say.

If you were planning to buy a new laptop, please buy at least a full hd display. Great for your eyes and big screen estate. Much stuff you can fit on your display at a time. You won’t regret it. 1368×768 should be ban on a new laptop!

Lets get started!

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Launch task bar pinned app with Windows Key + Number keys

I just found out this cool tip from,

Say you have a bunch of pinned taskbar app, little did I know you can launch it using your windows key + 1, 2, 3 (any numbers based on your app placing sequence). It doesn’t work with numpad though.

So let’s get started. Reorganized and prioritized the app on your pinned list. Save that few milliseconds to procrastinate.

How to install bpython in Windows

If you would like to test the prowess of bpython and you happen to use a Windows machine, tough luck. By right there is no official support for Windows. bpython officially built and supported in Linux environment only.

If you proceed to pip install bpython you might installed the lib just fine. But when you try to launch it from your terminal you may ask to install additional missing libs which is ftcl and _curses lib.

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How to setup Selenium Chrome Webdriver in Windows

Getting started. Setting up chrome webdriver environment. This is a just basic tutorial on how to set up the environment. Will not touch a specific selenium testing. Maybe I’ll create a separate tutorial for that.

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How to block ads in Spotify

Spotify is a free music streaming. A programmer’s best friend besides coffee.

I used Spotify a lot, not to the extent I would subscribe to a paid version. Well if you really need the offline music features by all means go ahead and buy it. If not you can try use this ad blocker, named EZBlocker.

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