How to show the line numbers on Python IDLE

Idle with python version 3.8

If you are using Python version 3.7 and below. Tough luck, you can’t show the line numbers on the left sidebar. You can only rely on the line numbers on the status bar at the bottom of the editor. Which is not helpful for some people.

For people like me, who already familiar with the line numbers with other IDE’s, this simple small feature is a must. You need to upgrade your Python to the latest version, as of now is version 3.8.

The new IDLE comes with python 3.8 has this new feature that can show line numbers on the left side of the editor.

Is anyone still using IDLE? For me, yes IDLE comes in handy when I’d like to test some small script quickly. When in full development I’ll be using VS Code.

Steps to enable the line numbers.

Go to the Options tab, click configure IDLE and click General tab.