Resolving blank screen issue while watching Netflix with DisplayLink Docking Station

This issue specifically affects users who utilize a DisplayLink docking station. If you’re a Mac Mini M1/M2 user like me, with multiple monitors connected through DisplayLink, you may have encountered a frustrating problem while streaming content from platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. This issue manifests as a lack of display, despite the presence of sound. Initially, I noticed it only occurred in the Chrome browser, while Firefox and Safari continued to function normally. However, over time, the problem seemed to affect all browsers. Even after attempting common troubleshooting steps, such as clearing cookies and updating DisplayLink drivers, the issue persisted.

To be fair I think it might happen to Windows user too. But I didn’t cross check. Suprisingly Youtube is not impacted.

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How to bypass the Apple Mac M1 external monitor display limitation

Multiple monitors on M1 Chip
Three Full HD monitor + WQHD Monitor (in the middle).

M1 chip really surprised us when it was launched back in 2020. The chip performs really well with good power efficiency. There are some cons to this powerful chip. You can only output one external display from a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and Mac Mini M1. This is not the case when Apple still uses Intel chips. Intel HD graphic was able to drive at least two external displays just fine.

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Upgrade Lenovo X240 display to IPS Full HD

DIY upgrade on a personal laptop.

Lenovo X240 is a great laptop. Minus the bad display and the badly design touchpad. X230 and X250 touchpad is much better. The button was on a separate panel. Other than that, all is good for this 12 inch small companion of mine.

This is my secondary machine and this laptop always connected to my full hd external monitor. Because I can’t stand working on the horrendous display. Default display panel is a TN display with 1368×768 resolution, bad viewing angle and definitely a small resolution for a programmer. It may be cheap solution for the manufacturer but very bad experience for the consumer I must say.

If you were planning to buy a new laptop, please buy at least a full hd display. Great for your eyes and big screen estate. Much stuff you can fit on your display at a time. You won’t regret it. 1368×768 should be ban on a new laptop!

Lets get started!

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Launch task bar pinned app with Windows Key + Number keys

I just found out this cool tip from,

Say you have a bunch of pinned taskbar app, little did I know you can launch it using your windows key + 1, 2, 3 (any numbers based on your app placing sequence). It doesn’t work with numpad though.

So let’s get started. Reorganized and prioritized the app on your pinned list. Save that few milliseconds to procrastinate.

How to block ads in Spotify

Spotify is a free music streaming. A programmer’s best friend besides coffee.

I used Spotify a lot, not to the extent I would subscribe to a paid version. Well if you really need the offline music features by all means go ahead and buy it. If not you can try use this ad blocker, named EZBlocker.

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Portable console emulator Cmder, a replacement for windows CMD



Screenshot of CMDer in action. Sorry had to blur my proxy :p

Need an alternative to work on other than the normal boring Windows CMD? You can try CMDer. It is a console emulator. With hefty features UNIX like commands, portability and built-in GIT init.

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How to unlock and bypass WEBE tethering limit

WEBE is the new telco player in town. First telco ever in Malaysia to offer UNLIMITED quota. But their offer come with limitation. You can’t tether from your mobile. Means no hotspot and you can’t share your internet on other gadgets.

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