How to unlock and bypass WEBE tethering limit

WEBE is the new telco player in town. First telco ever in Malaysia to offer UNLIMITED quota. But their offer come with limitation. You can’t tether from your mobile. Means no hotspot and you can’t share your internet on other gadgets.

You can unlock it by purchasing a pass. Cost RM6 for 2 hours.

If you are using android, lucky for you there is a workaround. You can download this apk called PdaNet+Β and you can share your connection through USB and bluetooth. No root required.

In order for you to tether your phone using USB, first you will need to install pdanet exe on your PC/laptop. Can get the installer from here.

Once installed, launch pdanet from your computer and launch pdanet from your android phone. Your computer will detect pdanet on phone once you establish a USB connection.

If you wanted to create a hotspot there is additional apk need to be install. It is part of PdaNet+ called FoxFi.

To summarized what you need depends on your usage.

USB Tether
a) PDAnet on android and
b) PDAnet on laptop/PC

a) PDAnet on android and
b) FoxFI on android

Currently the software is free of charge but with limit. Gosh! But it is okay. Better than nothing right? You can purchase the full software circa RM30+. One time deal. You can use the free edition as long as you want. Just that it will get disconnected for a period of time. No worry just turn it back on and reconnect!

Happy leeching!


Next post I will try to share how to fully utilize webe network for torrent using VPN πŸ™‚

56 thoughts on “How to unlock and bypass WEBE tethering limit”

  1. hi this trick still working?i have rooted device with PDAnet with Foxfi installed.if yes i will definitely get webe soon πŸ™‚

    1. What is your android version? PDAnet still working for me. Been tethering using wired usb. Foxfix is not working in my case. Some phone might able to work. I’ve been doing some reading, android 5.0 and above might have a security issue that blocked foxfi from fully functioning.

      But I’d say just go on and subscribe. There is no contract, you can terminate it if you not satisfied.

  2. Been searching a lot of ways to do this but your way is the one that works… Thanks a lot! Really need this. Waiting for the Webe-Torrent-VPN post. πŸ™‚

  3. using samsung galaxy s7 edge. webe telco detect that my phone is using tether hotspot and give my other phone that it is not connected to the internet

  4. hi bro, thx for awesome informations. just wondering if u still haven’t getting any charge from this tricks? i soon to be webe user and really need that USB tethering. just 2 questions. until now u still didn’t get any extra charge? and it’s still work?

      1. aku pakai note 5 jugak ok boleh usb tether…tapi takut la nak pakai takuthujung bulan tiba2 bil meletop…mcm mana nak check dia charge kita ke tak?

  5. It is working on windows 10 using usb on oneplus 3 device. It doesn’t work with mac osx, i guess because of the phone’s driver for mac.

    1. I can USB-tether from Android phone to Mac.
      For Mac users you need to have a software.

      Message me at for the software

      Very easy. Just plug and voila!

  6. Connecting very well for my webe line, but limited access..hmmm bit disappointed, anyone can help to solve this problem

    1. You need pdanet+. Then only install foxfi as a tethering option. This is what I remember. You can try without installing pdanet+ and reported back here if it successful.

  7. Just try pdanet+ with foxfi, it worked bro! Amazing and very helpful trick, speed is good and very easy to use, I’m using Samsung j5 2016

      1. not working…right now im using huawei mate 8,intall to both device (pc n hp).this is my flow
        1. attach hp to pc…pc detect it.
        2. switch on pdanet+ on huawei mate 8(usb already debugging)
        3. connect hp n pc
        4. switch on hp tethering.
        5. get internet connection (but webe still charge me)
        is there any step that i miss it of not do?

        1. Sure I’ll try to help. But Huawei Mate is on Android 6 or 7? Newer version of android tend to have higher failure rate.

          One thing when you said you launch it right, did you launch from pdanet itself? or from hp settings?

          How do you know webe still charge you? You mean you got the sms? Or when you browse it redirect you to webe homepage?

          1. mate 8 are using android 7,the way i launch is pdanet itself n then i need to switch on tethering from hp setting.i know that webe still charge me because of they still can detech my tethering( data usage).from last month i get free 1 gb data for tethering/ basicly i can trach how many mb that i aready use which is i get from webe webside(selfcare>dashboard).

          2. Got a user here reporting same thing too. I guess it is well known that pdanet don’t work well with newer android. Marshmallow and above.

            Will update if there is any workaround on this

  8. just reintall pdanet+.and some how its work perfectly (usb tethering).so thanx alot bro….its save me alot.salute to u bro…

    1. ahhh good to hear that, must be missing some steps before this. anyway kudos to you for fixing it by yourself! I just share the tips. Enjoy your unlimited internet πŸ˜€

      1. Bro kena install pdanet+, foxfii dekat laptop jugak ke? Boleh bagi steps tak nak buat usb tethering?
        Tq bro for helping

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