Shopee Scraper Script using Python

This is a simple script to check stock availability on a product which out of stock in Shopee. All under 50 lines of codes using python.


  • Python 3+
  • Selenium
  • Sendgrid account (Send email notification)
  • Chromedriver

Next enhancement

  • Headless chrome
  • Allow multiple URL checking
  • Further check on add to cart button
  • Convert to exe

Get the script here,

How to show the line numbers on Python IDLE

Idle with python version 3.8

If you are using Python version 3.7 and below. Tough luck, you can’t show the line numbers on the left sidebar. You can only rely on the line numbers on the status bar at the bottom of the editor. Which is not helpful for some people.

For people like me, who already familiar with the line numbers with other IDE’s, this simple small feature is a must. You need to upgrade your Python to the latest version, as of now is version 3.8.

The new IDLE comes with python 3.8 has this new feature that can show line numbers on the left side of the editor.

Is anyone still using IDLE? For me, yes IDLE comes in handy when I’d like to test some small script quickly. When in full development I’ll be using VS Code.

Steps to enable the line numbers.

Go to the Options tab, click configure IDLE and click General tab.

How to install bpython in Windows

If you would like to test the prowess of bpython and you happen to use a Windows machine, tough luck. By right there is no official support for Windows. bpython officially built and supported in Linux environment only.

If you proceed to pip install bpython you might installed the lib just fine. But when you try to launch it from your terminal you may ask to install additional missing libs which is ftcl and _curses lib.

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How to setup Selenium Chrome Webdriver in Windows

Getting started. Setting up chrome webdriver environment. This is a just basic tutorial on how to set up the environment. Will not touch a specific selenium testing. Maybe I’ll create a separate tutorial for that.

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