How to install bpython in Windows

If you would like to test the prowess of bpython and you happen to use a Windows machine, tough luck. By right there is no official support for Windows. bpython officially built and supported in Linux environment only.

If you proceed to pip install bpython you might installed the lib just fine. But when you try to launch it from your terminal you may ask to install additional missing libs which is ftcl and _curses lib.

So how do we go from here? Easy, install unofficial binary of curses from here,

and install bpython by pip install bpython if you not install it already. You should be able to launch bpython by entering this in your windows terminal, bpython-curses

Tadaa! it’s working now.

For those who wonder why use bpython? I can list down quick point below. bpython should be a good choice as an alternative to default python interpreter.
a) auto indent in python interpreter
b) colorful syntax highlighting! Great one. Easy for the eyes.
c) autocomplete and tooltip suggestion as you type inside the interpreter! It’s like a mini IDE!

Can check this video from official bpython website. Quick demo đŸ™‚

ps, If you wonder what terminal that I use in windows and you guys confusing why I kept referring Windows cmd as a terminal? Here you go, check out my post here,

Author: Izzat Zainol

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3 thoughts on “How to install bpython in Windows”

  1. Thanks man, works well. For those unfamiliar with Python wheels (like me) you just run “pip install ” in the directory you installed the .whl file. I love bpython! BTW do you know how to get the F8 pastebin working?

  2. I tried it once and it worked.
    Then I deleted the environment where I was working on and I tried the same steps again. It didn’t work, I got errors when I tried to launch bpython-curses.
    Hell, I’m starting to hate Python…

    1. What do you mean you deleted your environment? You mean virtualenv? If yes, please make sure the new environment have the exact library like you installed previously.

      Don’t hate python. Hate Windows. LOL. Switch to Linux :p

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